Dropbox - Refused

Hi all,

I applied for an H1b visa (first-time) and I am eligible under the new interview waiver dropbox option (VWP) so used it. The case was updated yesterday to “Application received” but today it is showing “Refused”.

I have mailed all the requested documents with my application:

  1. Passport
  2. Photo x1
  3. DS 160 confirmation
  4. Appointment/Dropbox confirmation
  5. I-797 approval
  6. Employer verification letter

What is the case status while they are actually processing “Administrative processing”?
What exactly is a “Refused” status, is it like an RFE or more like a denial?
How will they communicate to me about the refusal letter via email or mail all the documents back?

Please suggest.

Thank you,

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Thank you Kalpesh.

So what does administrative processing mean? Does it refer to a regular visa processing or special scrutiny leading to 221g?

Thank you