DropBox question - Interview waiver eligibility - Was your previous Visa annotated "Clearance received"?


As per the Interview Waiver Program for an applicant to be eligible for dropbox, we have to meet a series of conditions, one of them being

My prior visa is not annotated “Clearance Received” or “Department Authorization”.

Does the word “prior” mean the most recent/previous visa or any prior visa,

My Latest H1B Visa doesn’t have any annotation but the older Visa having a Clearence Recevied annotatoin which was issued first time.

Could you please let me know do I eligible for the IWP program ,? will they consider all old Visa’s (or) just the latest one …?


Please let me know if anyone in the same boat


I had the same experience and from my experience, my most recent H1B visa did not have clearance received,but the visa before that had it. The question is about the most recent visa stamp only. I asked this question to customer care and they mentioned i can choose the answer to the best of my knowledge. I chose “No” and used the drop-box facility and my visa was stamped with no issues in 2 days.