Dropbox option if company changed


I have a question regarding dropbox. I changed the company in US. I need to travel to india and go for restamping. All conditions are met. Just want to confirm if company is changed can I still opt Dropbox? Anyone face any issue?

I have got my visa stamped twice through Dropbox in a similar situation and have faced no issue with it. There is no such requirement from Dropbox perspective of applying visa for the same employer.

When you said all conditions are met for drop box, trying to understand all those conditions.

Few questions on the similar topic-
I have my visa approved till next year 2/2022 with employer A , stamping also done, so my stamped visa is til 2/2022. I switched employer few months ago to new employer, employer B filed for H1b and I have approved petition till next year from employer B. Next month I am planning to travel to India for 2 months…

  1. do I need stamping in this case, I have stamped visa from employer A who is no more my employer. I am not sure if my employer A revoked my petition after leaving them.

  2. does this qualifies for drop box.