Dropbox location has "VAC" instead of "IW"

Finally after months of trying I got a dropbox appointment. However, the location says “Hyderabad VAC” instead of “Hyderabad IW”

Has anyone seen this in the past?

Thank you for your help,

i have a similar issue. i am eigible for dropbox but i only see VAC appointments. if i understand correctly, VAC is biometrics for in-person appointments, and IW is for dropbox. does anyone know why am i only able to see VAC appointments and not IW ? please advise. thank you.

I came across the same issue. I could only see VAC at the end of the city names, even though I am eligible for the Interview Waiver process (IW). Now I am in confusion whether or not to schedule the appointment.

Does anyone have any information on this problem?

Any help would be much appreciated.

This is what I see. On post, it says Mumbai VAC but under Visa priority, it is Interview Waiver. Does this mean I have a drop box appointment?


I have the same issue. Me and my wife both are eligible for interview waiver process (IW) but I could only see VAC at the end of the city names.

Dose anyone have any more details on this issue?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Hello all,

I should have updated the thread sooner

I ended up calling the US Embassy number and was able to get a confirmation on Dropbox appointment. They checked in the system and informed me that the interview is under interview waiver even though there is no IW next to the city name

I would suggest you do the same… call them and confirm

Lastly, if you go to appointment history on the left side of the screen, it says IW next to the scheduled appointment. I think this may also be used as confirmation but again I will just call them to be sure

Thank you and best of luck