Dropbox Interview Scheduled after March 31st 2021

There is a tweet regarding the dropbox interview eligibility and it was mentioned that “The current expansion of interview waiver eligibility to 24 months will end on March 31st. Your appointment will need to be on, or prior, to that date.

What happens to appointments scheduled in APRIL 2021 based on 24 months’ eligibility? will they be canceled?

I have the same question, i got date for April, is that still valid?

I called ustraveldocs and they mentioned that nothing regarding cancellation of slots for April is mentioned and they don’t have any information on this. Asked me check ustraveldocs website regularly for updates on April appointments.

Extended till Dec 31 2021

Was the 48 months drop box eligibility question showing up? I am still seeing the question with 24 months! Did I miss something? Thanks

Do we need to wait to until they change from 24 months to 48 months on the travel docs. Or we can book the slot and later they will change to drop box even if the system show visa appointment based on the current validation 24 months. ? … Or is there any time line when that will be update in travel docs.

I booked a dropbox appointment based on 48 Month. But in the appointment confirmation it shows as last 24 months.. Will this cause any issue while submitting the documents? i wont be eligible if it 24 months