Dropbox interview Photograph

Because my most recent F1 visa was valid until 2019, I already had my I-20 and scheduled a drop box visa interview in July 2022. As a dropbox candidate, I have to provide a recent photo in accordance with their requirements.
My current passport is valid till 2028 and was issued in 2018. I had eye surgery very recently, and as a side effect, the color of the iris of one of my eyes abruptly changed from black to white over the past two weeks. I called US visa helpdesk with details and they said it is not a problem. I again called the US embassy, they assured me that there would be no issues as long as they could recognize and match the photos in my passport and most recent photo. I am very anxious. Can someone advise me in this regard?

Confirmation from embassy is the most authentic source of truth. Sometimes we worry about things that never happen, so just chill, you should be fine as far as your finger prints match at the port of entry.