Dropbox for new H4 visa?? how does that work?

I am currently in US and have a valid visa till Sep 2018.

Travelling to India this year in Nov 2017 to get my wife along with me who has never applied for a H4 visa.

I am planning to schedule an appointment for both of us to get stamping done. The reason I am also going for stamping is cause my current valid visa is from my previous employer and I wanted to update my visa to reflect my new employer.

Now… Cause I meet a certain set of conditions, I qualify for dropbox program. How does that even work for my wife? Cause she has never gone for stamping and not even done biometrics!

The final amount for booking the appointment shows two applicants. So its calculating my dependant as well for the dropbox program?

Any suggestions will help.



Your wife is eligible for drop box application. She will get an email for biometrics. It is unclear why you are applying for H-1B visa stamping again. It is unusual for applicants to get a new visa stamped every time they change employers. You and your wife should have copy of new H-1B approval documents, for her to apply for H-4 and for you and her to reenter the US.

Thanks for the quick response Shankar.

Here are clarifications and further questions:

The reason I am getting a stamping done even if my visa is still valid is cause if my wife goes for stamping with my new employer petition and gets stamped with that new expiry date, we will be travelling with different expiry dates. Which dint make sense for me. Thoughts?

Also, at what point of time will she get an email for biometrics? Can she schedule it? If the schedule my dropbox thing on 1st November does she have to go for biometrics before my H1b is processed?
Im asking all this cause we are on a tight schedule when in India.

Or… Does it make sense for me to remove her from the dependent list and schedule the dropbox for myself… After which I can schedule a separate “interview” appointment for her?