Dropbox for H4 with parents have their own H1B

My wife has her own approved H1B with her employer and I am having my approved H1B with my employer. My daughter is having approved H4 on my H1B.

My wife and daughter are visiting to India (I am not going with them and will be in USA only) so please help me with below details.

  1. Can my wife add my daughter as dependent on her H1B for visa stamping in the
    drop box application (if yes what will happen to her approved H4 under my H1B).
  2. Can my daughter eligible to have drop box visa stamping with my approved H1B
    and with her approved H4 or she has to go in-person interview.
  3. If she is eligible for drop box from question number 2 then can my wife add my
    daughter to her drop box application as dependent (my wife will be in her H1B and
    daughter will be dependent on my H1b) so that it will go as one application or she
    has to go separate drop box application with my H1B.

Your daughter can use either parent as primary so it doesn’t matter.

This depends of she is eligible for dropbox.

US Visa Interview Waiver(48 month rule, prior stamping) extended for 2024 & beyond - RedBus2US.

She can apply with your wife.