DropBox for future travel

Question on Dropbox. Now the rule says its 24 months from expiry. Does that mean for applicants who are traveling after March 2021 still dropbox applications?

Like let’s say last visa issued on Oct 2019 and based on new rule we can use drop box since its below 24 months. is it ok to travel on August 2021 and still eligible for dropbox or the visa fee must be paid by march 31st 2021 to keep this eligible?

Not sure if we need to make any appointment

I guess you can only book Dropbox appointment until March 31. Even though you still have 24 months expiration from the expiry. Until they announce new date currently only until 31st March 2021 we can book Dropbox appointment. Today I just booked on March 4th week and I am currently in US. I thought of going in March based situation.

so this is intended for people visa which has 24 mons by March 2021 and hopefully next will June/Sept/Dec 2021 if they plan to roll this further

Until they extend further we can only book appointments until March 31. Even if you eligible (24M) beyond March, you cannot book as appointments no longer can book. If they extend then we can be happy. My 24M will end on November 2021 but as of now I booked appointment in March . If it extended then I will reschedule or I will stick with current one…

cool thanks for update. so event though they say dropbox but we still need to book an appointment to drop the documents then what you said makes send. I can book for future after march 2021 date. will watch the update they will do the same for the the months for this year.

New process is required appointment for Dropbox . Earlier it was not required appointment for Dropbox.