Dropbox experience Hyderabad for H1B and H4

I just want to share my dropbox experience at Hyderabad for H1B and H4 visa stamping.

It was H1B extension. H4 biometrics were not given in US or India because I got H1 approval just before that rule.

Documents taken:

  1. Current passport and old passport only with last visa stamped.
  2. I797 latest copy and previous copy.
  3. Two photos. We were in US so taken photos at Costco. Make sure there is no shadow behind ears or anywhere else. They accepted those photos(Glossy print).
  4. Dropbox confirmation.
  5. DS-160 confirmation.

[July-16-2019] Submitted docs
[July-19-2019] Status changed to “Passport has been received from consular section and is currently being processed for delivery.”
[July-22-2019] Passport ready for pickup

Passport pickup:

  1. Authority letter, just one letter with all family member passport numbers and names.
  2. Copy of ID, person who will be picking passport.
  3. They also asked for ID of every passport holder(PAN or Aadhar etc). Normally they dont ask for this.
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Thanks @sms for sharing ! Would you mind adding details such as, if it was extension, and if H4 Biometrics was given in US, etc. for everyone benefit.

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Added those details, let me know if any other info will be helpful.

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Thanks @sms, for adding the details ! Appreciate it !

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