Dropbox Eligibility

First H1B stamped (Stamped in India) valid till 04-04-2014 with company X. Company X filled extension got approved till 03/04/2017 I still being in US. Got new Job with Company Z. Company Z filled transfer and now visa max valid till. 01-05-2018 I still being in US at present. Planning to go to India this DEC 2015. Please let me know according to new Rule for Dropbox am i eligible for Dropbox or have to appear for interview in US consulate.



The drop box eligibility continues to be random across all applicant pools. You will know only when the visa form is filled up on what the system decides - I think you are eligible.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar

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Since my 1st H1b Stamp on passport expired more then 12 months ago that why i am having doubt.