Dropbox eligibility in case of previous 221(g) refusal from a different employer

Does anyone have experience booking the dropbox appointment after the latest state.gov announcement? Everywhere I checked, it is said that the appointment system will ask some questions - one of them will be “Have you ever been refused any visa?”. People have shown screenshots of what happens next when you click “No” for this question. But what is the next screen when someone selects “Yes” to this question?

In Aug 2016, I went for H1B visa interview at US Embassy, Delhi through employer A. Got a 221(g) which employer A decided not to pursue. I got I-797 transferred to employer B, booked another H1B visa interview and came to the US in January 2017. I never went for any other US visa after that. When I now check the case status of employer A’s 221(g), it shows “Refused”.

In this case, will the appointment website allow me interview waiver?

In this case you will not get a waiver.