Dropbox dates blocked for 90 days after No Show

my flight was delayed resulting in me missing my Visa dropbox appointment in chennai. When I repaid fee to rebook appointment, I could no longer see dates until exactly 3 months from the date I missed my slot.
Im sitting right next to my friend who also has H1b dropbox for restamping, he can see sooner dates for Jan 2023 but I cannot see until 90days from missed appointment. Original appointment was December 19th 2022, the earleist dates I see available are always March 20th 2023.

I’ve tried agents, I’ve tried login at pattern times, it never changes. I called customer care, they don’t help or acknolegdge there is a 90 days block for appointment.
Has this happened to anyone? Was anyone able to resolve?

Hi Taran,
I am facing the same issue… Were you able to resolve your issue?

Guys … Can someone help on this matter please…