Dropbox dates blocked for 90 days after No Show

my flight was delayed resulting in me missing my Visa dropbox appointment in chennai. When I repaid fee to rebook appointment, I could no longer see dates until exactly 3 months from the date I missed my slot.
Im sitting right next to my friend who also has H1b dropbox for restamping, he can see sooner dates for Jan 2023 but I cannot see until 90days from missed appointment. Original appointment was December 19th 2022, the earleist dates I see available are always March 20th 2023.

I’ve tried agents, I’ve tried login at pattern times, it never changes. I called customer care, they don’t help or acknolegdge there is a 90 days block for appointment.
Has this happened to anyone? Was anyone able to resolve?

Hi Taran,
I am facing the same issue… Were you able to resolve your issue?

Guys … Can someone help on this matter please…

Were you able to book appointment of earlier dates?

I am not able to… Slots are not showing up for me even though they are available.

nope. you’ve to wait 90 days.
Its undocumented rule. Its sad

no point trying. 90 days it is

+1 in same boat
is this a new rule? don’t see any old posts regarding this or any mention of this rule anywhere except this post.

why did you come to this conclusion?
P.S I just realized about this thing and want to reach out to customer service next.

Did you find any solution? Were you to able to book the slot?

Did anyone able to book slot before this 90 days lock period? Please need suggestions