Dropbox appointment booking India - Not able to enter visa information or payment information

Hi there, currently I am on H1B until 4/2023, my last H1B stamp was expired on 7/31/2020, planning to go to India and get stamped, I am trying to create a new dropbox appointment and on dashboard when I click ‘visa information’ to check whether eligible for dropbox, once clicked, link opens in new tab(http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-niv-visatypeinfo.asp) saying ’ page not found Some countries have recently been updated, If you are seeing this page, please update your links’ and when I follow the instructions on newly opened page it again circles back to create new appointment page. is there something wrong with procedure ? or anyone who saw the same issue please direct me. Any help is much appreciated.

when i click back to choose your country it circles back to same login page of dashboard after login.

It is a bug in the system, they did not do proper URL migration.
I suggest you reach out to the customer service.

Hi Praveen,

Was the issue fixed for you? i am seeing the same issue. Can you pls share how was it fixed?
I reached out to customer service but no help.

Thanks for your help.

Customer service resolved the issue for me, I tried after 24hours and everything was normal.

Hi again everyone, an you provide me the customer care number for us travel docs?