Dropbox Appointment any Consulate in India

I am not seeing any appointments for dropbox at any of the consulates in India.(no calendar is displayed)
I would appreciate if anyone can tell when the slots opens and what is the current availability, I am looking for New Delhi but open to any other location of the appointment is available. Thanks.

They are opening in very small batches, you need to keep checking. You can call customer service. Now due to the US thanksgiving holidays, it may be even less.

Thank you Kumar, I tried calling customer service but they said they do not have any information on appointments, but I will keep checking on the website

US consulate appointments are extremely difficult. In fact they are a joke. Student visa appointments for Jan session are simply not available. They open just for a minute on some days at any location and very very limited slots vanish in a minute. Some slots open for March for session starting in January. And emergency appointment requests have been turned down. IT IS A BIG TAMASHA AND VERY PAINFUL EXPERIENCE FOR THOUSANDS OF STUDENTS. Drop box appointments are lower in priority.

yes and even the customer service does not have any info, we dont know the time when the slots will open and if we try to check multiple time they lock the account.

Any idea , When appointments will be open for dropbox for Jan - June. Not seeing any dates available. It mentioned somewhere will be open in batches but not sure when that will be.

I have a quick question. All my J 1 visas are on my new passport and my most recent expired J1 is in my new passport. I only have my new passport with me for drop box. My old passport is in the US. Will this be an issue when I drop of my documents at the drop box location. Any help will be appreciated.