Dropbox - 48 months eligibility question not asked

Hi There,
My last VISA stamping expired on Jan 2019 and now when I was trying to create a new application it’s not asking me if my visa has expired in the last 48 months. I’m planning to travel in June 2023 and the system selected me as the dropbox applicant. How can I change this to an in-person interview? As I understand I’m not eligible for dropbox if I travel around June-July 2023.

Thanks in advance!

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I not sure however based on the fact that the system is able to allow IW for future date after 31st Dec 2022, I am guessing they may extend the IW till 31st Dec 2023, probably to speed up the visa backlog.

You can call VFS and ask them.



Did you get an answer to this. Were you eligible for Drop Box?