Drop Box H4 Visa Refused

Hi All,
On October 9/2020 I have dropped H4 documents at Hyderabad US consulate and on 13 October i checked online status changed to Received, and today October 22/2020
i checked online and status say Refused.

How do i know why H4 visa is refused?, I checked my Email-ID with which i have created profile , i could not find any Email , and in usa travel Doc it says : Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate

Refused also mean 221g so it’s better you wait till you get your passport back.

Could please let me know, once i receive passport, does that give any information? what to do?, Do i need to take new appointment?

Hi, My husband appeared for H4 interview yesterday and VO said Visa is approved. But status showed refused. After few hours it changed to administrative processing. I have read in few articles that, Refused may just mean that your visa is in administrative processing.

Sometimes 221g is usually for additional documents. This is just a hunch as my friend faced the same situation. Her visa was approved at the consulate but she received her passport with a 221g asking to submit additional documents at the nearest VAC center. So it’s better you wait

ThankYou All , Will come back with updated profile status

Whats the update? Did you get the approval or 221G?