Drop box eligibility H4-F2(not stamped)-H4

Hi. Kindly excuse for a bit long post ! Any help would be so grateful.
Below are the time line of our events, Please let me know if myself and my kids are eligible for dropbox.
Husband(H1B) and myself (H4)
Husband applied change of status to F1, went to Canada and got stamped.
Meanwhile myself and kids returned to India(Its been 2 years now) before result on our change of status to F2.
I-539 denied for myself and kids since we moved to India (So, my last visa stamping in passport was of H4 which is more than 24 months of expiry)

Husband recently applied change of status to H1B, got approved till 2023.
Based on that myself and kids applying H4.

Dropbox eligible?

Usually for dropbox, you need to have the previous visa in same visa class. Meaning, if you are going for H4, your previous visa should be issued on H4. If you meet that, then you can try. When you try to fill out the application for appointment, the system will ask you questions, and it will tell, if you are eligible for dropbox.

Thank you so much for your reply. As you said the form asks series of questions to check dropbox eligible. My H4 was expired more than 24months ( if expired within 24months, it gives dropbox). Can i still go ahead and say yes and take dropbox. The reason being same type of visa?
Thank you very much.

No, that is stating false info. You should NOT do that. You are not eligible for dropbox.

Thank you so much Kumar ! Appreciate your replies.