Drop Box Eligibility for New H1B

I had my B1/B2 Visa that expired in Jul 2020, but never travelled to US.
Now when I am applying for H1B Appointment, I came across the questions.

  1. Do you have a previous U.S. visa in any visa class issued on or after your 14th birthday?
    A) YES
  1. Was your prior visa annotated “Clearance Received” or “Department Authorization”?
    A) No. I see nothing printed in this section in my visa.
  2. Was your most recent U.S. visa lost, stolen, canceled, revoked, or marked CWOP?
    A) What should I answer to this question. I have no CWOP mark, Not lost, Not stolen.
    Is expired comes under cancelled. If I choose “NO”, its giving me the Drop Box option.

Expired is not equal to canceled so you are good with dropbox.