Drop box eligibility for L2 dependents

thank you @Bala and @Arun, still have the bit doubt. Need your help. so let give more details

  1. Wife was on L1B and we both (Myself and Son) were on L2, we all came back in Aug 2018, since our Extension request was denied and all came back in 10days past receiving denial request
  2. Now she has L1A blanket applied, Still waiting for her scheduled interview on May 5th, hoping for positive outcome
  3. For Son and I, I created Profile in https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/ and added him a dependent, so the waiver question is coming for My status (But applies to both since we both were on L2 till Aug 2018)

So, the question is

  1. With above condition, Myself and my son eligible for interview waiver?
  2. Should we wait till result of her Visa Interview on May 5th? before making fees payment and scheduling appointment or drop box?
  3. when we get the question
    do you have previous USA visa in any class issued?
    Should we select “Yes”