Drop box Eligibility for 1st time L1A (Individual) Visa Stamping - Status change H4 to L1A in US

Hello All,
Need help to confirm if my spouse is eligible for Drop Box for his L1A (Individual) Visa stamping in India.

My Husband entered the US on H4 (16th Oct 2020). Later he got his change of status from H4 to L1A (Individual) in April 2021. Since Oct 2020 he has not traveled to India thus his passport doesn’t have a L1A (Individual)visa stamped but only has H4 Visa stamped (expired on 14 Feb 2021). I was trying to take an appointment for his L1A (Individual) visa stamping on “CGI FEDERAL” website and was getting a Dropbox eligibility approved.
Query: I am confused if i made any mistakes while filling details on the website as earlier i have noticed that the drop box is only applicable/approved if renewing the visa in the same visa class. Below are the question and my responses for the same

  • Visa Type:NonImmigrant Visa
  • Post:New Delhi
  • Visa Category:Employment-Based Visa
  • Visa Class:L1 (Individual) - Intracompany Transferees (Individual)
  • Dependents applying visa with you: No
  • Visa and passport Details: Entered
  • Answer the following Questions to determine your eligibility for our Interview Waiver Program:
    - Are you applying under a L1-Individual petition? (If you are applying for L1- Blanket visa, please
    select “No” here). Yes
    - Do you have a previous U.S. visa in any visa class issued on or after your 14th birthday? Yes
    - Was your prior visa annotated “Clearance Received” or “Department Authorization”? No
    - Was your most recent U.S. visa lost, stolen, canceled, revoked, or marked CWOP? No
    - Have you ever been refused a U.S. visa before? No
    - Was your most recent U.S. visa issued after January 1, 2008? Yes