Drop box appointment location B1/B2 visa

I am eligible for dropbox appointment and filled the DS160 form, followed the steps, and paid the fees. Chose Chennai consulate in DS form. While making the appointment, I did not get Chennai or Bangalore drop box appointment. However the system allowed me to book Hyderabad VAC for dropbox appointment. Hope this is allowed. Anyone else who has done this?


Yes. This is allowed. DS 160 submission location can be different than Appointment location.

Thank you for your reply.

I also have the same issue. My son is 2 years and have applied for his B2 visa. in DS-160, Mumbai consulate appears automatically, as I provided residence details of Ahmedabad. Submitted the form, paid the fees, got the confirmation regarding visa interview waiver eligibility as we both parents have B2 visa. In a drop-box appointment scheduling, I have selected Chennai VAC as it has the earliest date. So, Do I need to go to Chennai VAC to submit documents or I can submit to any of 11 drop boxes ( 5 Free, 6 paid drop-off) as the confirmation letter suggests?

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I am in the same situation, but I dont get any option to select drop dox appointments. It goes directly to a screen saying “Schedule US consular appointment” and constantly shows no dates available. Could you please let me know how you got Chennai VAC option?

I need early appointment

Keep checking USTravelDocs website. As people make last minute cancellations or reschedule their appointments, this frees up slots for an earlier date. They disappear as soon as they appear as everyone else is also looking for these. I was able to pull in my appointment date by 6 weeks from the original one that was first provided. Good luck!

Hello Kandarp, were you able to get any information, or share your experience. It will really help.
Did you end up going to one of the CGI service locations (650 rupees)? I qualify for Interview waiver but I’m only able to get appointment at one of 5 following centers - Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata. I want to go for Dropbox at one of the other service centers