Drop bo elgibility for 14 year old kid

I got a dropbox appointment for my kid in June 2023. He is turning 14 years in may 2023. Is he still elgible for dropbox appointment since we he was under 14 years when i filled the DS160 this year and receive drop box appt. Can someone clarify this if you have similar experience.

You can still keep the dropbox appointment and tue consulate will give 221g if they want to call him for interview.

Thanks a lot for the response. If i want to reschedule a dropbox appt into an inperson appt,how can i do that.is there a way to do that in CGI site

You will need to provide ‘NO’ answer to the question whether you have previously hold US visa. Though this is only recommended for emergency appointment request.
I do not recommend providing wrong answers to get in person appointment. If you do it, it will at your own risk.

Hi, the video does not mention emergency interview appointments for US school students who need to be back to school on the first day of school start. How do we expedite in that case?

We spoke to the US consulate customer care. They say they would issue a ‘No Show’ in that case. They did not mention about 221g at all. Is No Show the new norm instead of 221g. No Show will be very problematic for kids who need to return back to US school on the first day of school start.