Driving license for H1B to be expired

Hi All,

I stay in Connecticut and I have Learners Permit for 2 yrs. My H1-B expires by mid of August , 2019. If I apply for Driving license now(today 07/27/2019), whether CT DMV give me the DL until my Visa expiration date or for 6 years.
If I do not get 6 yrs, If I produce my H1-B extension receipt notice will I get any benefit of pushing the validity further? I know I can call and inquire at DMV. While I was searching this in google, I came across this site and thought of giving a shot.


Usually, they will give it until the end of your I-94 and your H1B. Well, the second part of getting extension based on receipt notice varies by state, you need to go to DMV and check, some do and some do not. for instance in California, they do not . Check California AB 60 License H4