Driving license extension in case of H1B extension


I have one query. I believe the DMV gives the last date in driving license as your I94 or your I797B which ever is later.

So say for an example, my H1B is getting over in sept 2013 and my driving license is also valid upto sept 2013. I have applied for my H1B extension in june 2013 and it gets approved in say November, 2013. But as my driving license will be expired in Sept 2013, can I go to DMV and ask for extension on my license based on my H1B extension fees receipt as I still have not got my H1B extension approved?

Please clarify on this scenario as I believe many of us have faced this kind of situation.

Thanks & Regards


It depends on the dmv state rules. In GA you need to have a valid I94 for getting a renewed license they do not give you extension based on h1b extension receipt notice. but in ny/nj you may get a temp license based on the receipt.