Dont have Indian Driving license

Dear all.

I dont have indian driving license and I will be moving to US soon on H3 visa. Is it compulsary to have home country’s driving license to get a US DL…Kindly clarify

Advance thanks

A foreign license can be useful, but not required.

DL policy depends on the state you will be living in. I think all states will allow you to get a license by taking a written and practical test. If you already have a foreign license, some states will not require the practical test.

Thanks IANAL

I haven’t heard of the H3 visa before; do you know how long you’ll be in the US? If less than a few months, you can often drive on a foreign license the whole time, so for short stays it might not be worthwhile getting a US license if you have a foreign one.

I will be in US for a long term…may be more than a year or so…So I have to have a valid US DL for myself.