Doing my CPT and would like to applying for OPT and then H1B

I have few question regarding CPT and OPT and H1B i would appreciate if i find answers for that.

	I'm getting my MBA and I have only one class left that i'm taking now this summer also i'm working full time by using my CPT. my I-20 says the period for CPT end on August 15 but the school classes finish on July 20 so i don't which date i should stop working?

	if i apply for my OPT how long it's gonna take to recieve work authorization and should i put August 15 so i don't need to have a break or something?

	if i will get my OPT lets say August 15 or so that's mean it's will expired on august 15 next month, so my friend told me that if my company will apply for my H1B in april the H1b results wil be announced some day in October so can i stay and keep working between August and October even if my OPT is expired in that time.

Thank a lot..

  1. Stop working at the end of your CPT authorization

  2. Yes, you can have the start date as Aug 16th (not 15th - CPT’s end date)

It can take upto 90 days for EAD card, so apply sooner

  1. Once an employer files H1-B petition for you next April, depending on premium or regular processing, your petition approval or denial will be known sooner than October.

  2. If your employer applies for your H1B before your OPT expires, then using the receipt of the petition, you are automatically eligible for CAP_GAP work authorization until Sep 30th.