Does years of experience criteria stipulated by current employer need to be met when applying for PERM?


My employer has decided to sponsor green card for me. First step is to get LCA. My current position description as specified by my employer says that employee should have Masters degree and minimum 2 years of experience. I have Masters degree and I gained 23.5 months of experience (just 2 weeks short) before I joined current company. Technically I don’t meet criteria but I am so close. So my question is that does this criteria specified by my employer need to be met strictly? If you compare their criteria with my work experience, I am just 2 weeks short. Its not a substantial difference. Thanks in advance for your advice.

PERM Labor Certification is for future employment and not for the current one. You can talk with your employer and see if they can lower the required experience to be on safe side when filing PERM LC.