Does work experience really matter to get into a good university for MIS?

My profile is as follows:

GRE- (315) q- 165 v- 150

TOEFL- 102


Btech-85% (upto 6th sem)

12th- 83%

10th- 88%

Internships: 3

  1. IIT Bombay

  2. Blackberry

  3. Edukinect

Total number of projects- 4 +2 (college)

Affliliations: IEEE, IETE, ACM

Community service- Street cause, TISP (IEEE), EPICS (IEEE)

Paper publications- working on it…probably by feb it’ll be done!

Lotss of organising stuff and all…

Im a Microsoft student partner, brand ambassador for windows 8, yappon student leader and a mozilla representative as well

awards and scholarships: 7 awards and 2 scholarships

with this profile should I apply for Master’s in Information Systems? Because im totally not interested in continuing with CS! Im more of a business person!!

Yes, all the things you have under your belt, like interships, projects will matter…

Deciding MS in CS vs MIS is a decison you have to take based on what you like. Read this article [MS in CS vs MS in MIS US Schools](

Think of your passion and make a decision. Your profile is good for either of them.

Hey kumar ! Thanks for answering!
My point here was, I am totally inclined towards MIS…But from what people have told me…its like…Work ex is mandatory for MIS…Is it?
Or is it safe for me to try for MIS in good universities like University of California , berkley?

MIS does not really require work experience. Typically, MBA requires work experience. I cannot really evaluate your profile and suggest schools. You can review the average scores and other information and guess your chances.