Does USCIS asks for paystub of the 1st employer in H1B application?

I used some employer offer letter to update in SEVP portal to stop my unemployment period. It was a $10 paid intern offer letter. I don’t have any paystubs of that employer.
After a few weeks, I changed my employer and that employer is filing my H1B application.
Will USCIS ask for my 1st employer’s pay stubs? Do they usually ask for it in applications? Any chances of RFE’s?

That is wrong and not allowed. You need to work only in respective fields as per OPT guidance. Well, if USCIS senses that something is not right, they may ask you to provide documentation that you maintained proper status, where you will need to provide such documentation. Yes, there are many. Check an a real F1 to H1B COS Denied RFE Sample with all the documentation on reason for denial.

Hi, but I am working in my field only. My only concern is that I do not have paystubs of my very first employer on OPT and it was stated paid intern role on offer letter.
But some other employer is filing my H1B. So does USCIS asks for 1st employer paystubs?

Ok, as long as you have worked there as per OPT terms, got paid, then you should be fine. If you get an RFE, then you may need to submit documentation for the same. You could submit your bank statements, any letters from them, email, etc to prove that you were working for them.