Does the max stay clock resets if you change status as L1B - F2 - H1 B


need some info. I was on L1B Visa and working in USA for continuos 5 years. Then I went to India for about 2 months. Then changed the visa to F2 and came back to USA. Currently on F2 for 6 months. I am trying to file H1B for 2013.

With the above scenario, below are my questions

  1. if I file H1B, will I get visa for only 1 year.

  2. If the answer to the above question is yes, then what needs to be done to reset the clock without leaving the country ?

Thanks a lot in advance

  1. Yes

  2. You cannot reset the clock w/o going out of the country for 1 year, and going through H-1 cap again after that 1 year (assuming you have H-1 filed in upcoming cap).

If the employer files your green card, then you may become eligible for H-1 extensions beyond the 6th year.