Does the 240-Day rule also apply beyond 6 yrs? for H1 transfer case

My I-94 is valid till March 30 2022 which was received from Employer -A
I recently joined another company (Employer B) .

During h1 transfer(Normal mode) I got RFE, however Employer-B is saying they have not received the RFE notice yet(almost 20 days).

Now Employer B is saying they will convert my H1-B transfer case to premium .

Is it possible to Upgrade case to premium without RFE notice response.

Adding Vacation recapture date My 6 years competing on May 25 2022.

Can I stay in USA after 30th March during VISA transfer is in progress post 30th March (I-94 validity) I have I140 approved from Employer-B

Does the 240-Day rule also apply beyond 6 yrs?
I.e. Can one stay beyond 6 years if extension request (to capture travel time) is pending? PERM is under processing.


PP and RFE are two different things. RFE needs to be responded to irrespective of PP upgrade or not. PP can be applied while a RFE is in progress but it needs to be responded.

With approved I-140 and AC21 extension in progress, you can continue with your job up to 240 days after I-94 is expired and extension of status is under process.