Does stamping required if I have valid petition and stamping on it and filed amendment

Hi All,

My Original petition got approved in October 2017 and then stamping was done in April 2018. Both stamping and the original petition are valid till 28-Aug-2020. But before travel due to change in Salary, my employer asked to file an amendment so I did file an amendment under premium category and finally travelled to the USA on old stamping with amendment petition approval receipt in Sep 2018. Later I have to come back to India as the project gets over.

Now my original petition is still valid till Aug 2020 and my employer filed an amendment in premium category for another client which is in Denver location.

Can I travel on old stamping which is still valid till Aug 2020 and receipt of amendment petition approval to this new location? Or do I need to go for stamping again and then only I can travel?

Yes, you can, if it is valid. You need to carry all the current approved and valid documents supporting same for h1B approval.

Thank you for the quick response. One more question do I need to wait for hard copy of the amendment petition for travel or on approval notice I can travel ?


You should ideally get the copy of the approved amendment and carry that along with you.