Does passport renewal in USA require original marriage certificate and notarized photocopy of it


I am working in Seattle, WA. I planning on renewing my passport as it will be expiring in less than a year. Currently my wife is in India and our original marriage certificate is also in India.

I was going through the bls website (, it says

“In case the current passport does not have Spouse’s name, a notarized photocopy of the marriage certificate is mandatory if your status has been filled as married in the application form. A copy of the passport / US ID of the spouse, is required along with your application. Women Applicants must include the notarized affidavit for change in name from maiden to married.”

Above highlighted statement has put me in confusion. Following is my situation

My current passport does not have my spouse name in it.I do not have my original marriage certificate with me and its not notarized.I have scanned copy of my original marriage certificate.Even my wife’s passport does not have my name in spouse name.She has valid H4 and she never travelled to US and not willing to travel due to certain problems.So for renewing my passport, do i require to have original marriage certificate with me and are they any other documents required for the notary, like signature/thumb impression of my wife, recent photograph of both of us (i have old photos, but not recent ones).

On the worst case, if I do not want to include spouse name in my passport, is it ok, but i will select the marital status as married.

Please help me in getting clarity so that I can plan accordingly.

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I don’t think you will be able to notarize the marriage certificate w/o original copy. Also, based upon the text it is not possible to not have name endorsed but set marital status as married.

Call or email them and ask if it can be notarized in India. If so, your wife can get her passport copy and marriage certificate notarized and then submit them.


I am in same situation same situation as I my wife is back in India & I don’t have original marriage certificate or spouse passport. Can you please let me know what you have submitted to renew the pasport?

Did u find any solution to ur problem, how did u get ur marriage certificate noterized. Please share details so that others can benefit.

I got my marriage certificate notarized in india and my family sent the notarized copy in post from India to US and I submitted the same for my passport renewal.

Indian notary is acceptable in US? what does it look like.?
Generally in india they give u affidative with notery stamp which can say this document is valid. could you please give more details.