Does L1B Rfe aaffect H1B processing

I have applied for L1B extension in May 2013 and got an RFE.

I have also applied for H1B in Apr 2013 but got an RFE asking my status in US from May to oct. Could you please let me know if my L1 RFE affects my HiB approval?

How should I respond to HiB RFE? Can we send the receipt notice of L1B?

Could you anyone help me in answering my query

Yes, it does.

Your L-1 extension is required for H-1 COS approval. If L-1 gets denied, then you should leave US ASAP. Your attorney can then submit a letter explaining the L-1 denial. USCIS will then process your H-1 w/o COS. Once H-1 is approved, you can return after getting H-1 visa stamped.