Does it take more than 60 days for H4 Admin processing to be completeted?

My Case is a simple H4 Dependent Spouse Visa. My Husband left for US on 16th of Dec 2012, and I had gone for my H4 interview on the 18th of March 2013. Since then it has been over 60 days and my visa case is still pending. I do not understand why would it take so much time for simple H4 Spouse Visa processing. I am staying without my husband since the last 6 months now and it is very difficult for a woman to survive alone for such a long time.

Can anyone guide me as to what can I do next since 60 day time period has also gone. I have mailed the concerned people a numbef of time. Does it take this long for H4 processing too?

See my response to your question in the blog.