Does it require to apply H4 extension after H1B w/COS approved?


I,m currently holding H4 status in US. I recently got my H1B w/COS approved which is effective from Oct 1st 2013.

My spouse is on H1B status which is getting expired on Nov 11 2013 (and of course my my H4 status too). He is planning to apply for his H1B extension.

  1. Does he can apply extension now for my H4 along with his H1B via his employer?

  2. If, in that case will it affect my approved H1B w/cos (effective from Oct 1st 2013)?

Expecting you answer at the earliest.




As you already have your H1B Approved with COS from October 1st, I am not sure, if it makes sense to apply for H4 extension…I am not sure how USCIS tracks your status and updates the same…

The best thing to do is talk to your attorney, who have applied for your H1B and explain your situation of H4, they would give you the best advice.