Does f1 rejection effect f2 visa success rate

Hello, I am Shova.

I went on visa interview august 1,2017. But was denied f2 visa.

Vo asked me to wait until his f1 changes to h1. I cant stay long away from him since we have had enough long distance relation already. We got married on june 26, 2017 . Can i reappy for f2 again.

My f1 was rejected 10 months ago. I applied same university he was studying hope that i will be abe to see him . Was my previous rejection reason for my f2 visa denial?

Im literally going through depression. And i really need help .

All vo asked me for f2 visa was

His date of birth


And he rejected me saying you seem potential immigrant. Apply after his status change to h1.

Please i need some suggestion.




F2 visa can be tricky, you need to prove that you are not potential immigrant to US. It is very hard to guess what is in visa officers mind…so, you can try to give it a shot again, but not sure about the chances.

same happened with my wife, did u find any other solution ? plz respond