Does Experience as Freelancers Work For H1b


Does the experince as Freelancers who work without any salary counts When applied for H1B.

I am working as a freelancer For more than a year now with out any salary but getting my monthly expenses Such as Travel,Mobile and Internet.

Now i am woking for a software company they are applying for H1B.Will this Freelancer works as an experince ??

Please Let me Know

It may work, but USCIS may ask the proof of your skillset. When working for a company, it is easier as they can issue experience letters or your colleagues can issue reference letters.

When working as freelancers, showing that may be more difficult. You can still get letters from your clients that detail what work you did and what skills were used (even though clients do not know the actual skills that go into the product/solution delivery).

What did your employer say about this?

They are in dilemma whether to apply or not and time is running on I am in bit tensed. Also Saurabh what are all the documents do employer need to submit to USCIS ?? Does they include bank statements from the past three months ?? Does the bank statements are so important either for the interview in Hyderabad or for submitting them to USCIS ??

Employer doesn’t need your bank statements for the filing. From you, they will need degrees, marksheets, resume, experience letters, passport.