Does employer need to give any certificate while filing H1B

my employer is filing h1b(fy 14) for few associates having same background as me i.e. work ex , degree and all. but rest of the people have been asked to provide one extra certificate(that they are good in computer ttech and efficient in work) as they are from non comp backgroung.

Do UCIS need it for non com backgroung people or else they will give me RFE which may lenghthened process.

I am worried if so, i need to rush back and need to submit to that extra certificate signed by my manager.

Yes, that letter may come in handy for those people as they have non comp-sc background. This will help in addressing USCIS concerns how they qualify for the offered IT position.

But, now do i need to wait till RFE comes and is it sure that RFE will come

The petition hasn’t been applied yet (earliest date to file is April 1). Your attorney can look at your profile to determine the probability of receiving RFE related to this. If there is not a high chance, then they can continue the petition to get filed w/o changes. It’s their call.