Does employer incur cost on H1 if there is a denial after an RFE is raised?

My employer tells me that I got selected in lottery. however he refuses to share the receipt number for unknown reasons. Then he now tells me that I got an RFE. He still wont share the receipt number. If my H1 gets denied due to RFE for any reason does it become a cost to the employer? How much cost can it be?

There is no special fees for filling RFE, unless you upgrade your petition to premium processing while filling your RFE, which is $1225. If H1 gets denied then there will be no amount refunded from USCIS.

Generally Attorneys would charge for responding to RFE. So generally when you go with desi employers, they used to charge some money for RFE.

My suggestion would be untill unless your employer shared the receipt number, dont ever/never try to give any money to him. These days many people tries to cheat the people who doesnt have much exposure to these. When he shares the receipt number go to USCIS website and look for the current state. Based on all these consider to proceed or not.

My employer has not asked for money. But he might be using the RFE as a stalling tactic so that I don’t leave the company and continue to stay back in its pune office in the hope of landing in its Boston office sometime. What do you think?