Does Education background is necessary for GC processing


I am on H1b visa with MBA in pharma (1 year) and 2+ years of experience in Management field. Now I am working in a Project Management Office for a Financial company. I have my Bachelors in Pharma.

My question is, does Greencard processing will be done based on my education background? Will I come under EB2 or EB3? Highly appreciate your response?

Education does play a part in determining whether your GC is filed in EB-2 or EB-3. The employer needs to determine the requirements for the position including education and experience. You then need to be qualified for that position based on your education and experience.

Thanks for your quick response. My concern is I am a Science Student and now working in a Manageemnt field in Finance domain.

When your job description for GC is written, it will show whether you qualify for EB-2 or not. From what you have mentioned, it seems like an EB-3 case.