Does Client Offer Mandatory To Get H1B Approved

Hello all,
One consultant filed my H1 in year 2008 and i have attended H1b Interview in chennail. The only question asked for me is " Give your client offer" . Unfortunately i dont have that and when i asked my consultant before the interview, he said that they have many clients and i will be placed once i reach USA. Do during the interview, i got 221g and i have submitted client offer later but No LUCK.

Again this year(2014), some other consultant filing h1 for me. Can anyone suggest me do we need to client offer? is it mandatory? If i dont have client offer, does it means my H1 wont get approved? Any suggestions pls… Regards Prasad

Depends on the LCA. If LCA says you are going to work in an in-house project and you can show documentation on that, then client letter may not be required. Otherwise, yes, client letter is asked in most cases

That depends, if they need u to submit it during approval, RFE is raised. There are even chances of asking during stamping, u never know what can be asked

Thanks for the reply. If it is a in house project, Does the offer letter to be different than one the companies will give normally? I mean any specific format/information will be there in the offer?

Whether you will work for the the company or for their client will be captured in the LCA. Offer letter ideally remains the same