Does Civil Engineers/Structural Engineers qualify for NIE?

Hi all,

I have a visa appointment in Mumbai on Sept 27, 2021. I would like to travel to India for that appointment. I am structural engineer and am not sure if my job comes under “Critical Infrastructure” as it was not mentioned in the sectors on their website. Please help if you have any knowledge about this.


Srikar Mannava

If your construction projects are in one of these sectors, you may qualify for NIE.

Hi Kalpesh! Thanks for your reply. So if I have a construction project that belongs to Commercial Facility Sector, then I may qualify for NIE. Is that correct?

That is correct. I know a guy who was given NIE as his company was involved in building grocery store chain.

Excellent! Thank you so much for your response. One last question though. As I have an interview scheduled, can I directly answer about NIE during the interview or do I need to take a letter with me?

Carry the letter and present that to the VO.

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