Does anyone got MTR approved in the recent time?

My friend got it approved in 15 days while I am waiting from more than a month now. I got Denial notice on Dec 9th and my employer filed MTR on Jan 11th

It depends on the strong evidence submitted with the MTR, if you have strong and new evidence it may get approved faster.

Did your case got approved now???

No … Still waiting. Received case number on Jan 8th.

So you again got a new case no. after filing MTR?

Yes, I got a new case number which says 290b is received at Vermont center. Right now things are going damn slow. It might take an year to hear a decision

So you would be waiting till then as it will take lot of time to process ??

Yeah… No other go. This year two applications are filed for me. But no luck with the lottery.
How about you? You got any denial?
Last year I know at least 5 guys who got their h1b denied after RFE and for only one person it is approved after filing MTR


Has your MTR got approved now?What is the status of your visa?

No update yet. Still showing case received

On January 8, 2016, we received your Form I-290B, Notice of Appeal to the Commissioner, Receipt Number EAC16900xxxxxx

By any chance, have you got ur H1B yet? Can u plz share the dates, when you got your MTR and I129 approvals?

Any luck with your MTR? How long did it take for a decision?