Does AB 60 driver license affect pending applications?

Hi all,

I’m living in CA and under H4 (I539) pending and I485 pending.
Based on USCIS process time, I can’t get approved I-539 before the current DL expires.
So, I thinking about applying AB 60 DL.

My question is does AB 60 DL will affect I539 and I485?

Thank you for your help

DL application has nothing to do with your I-539 & 485 processing. DL is a state thing while USCIS is Federal.
Did you check with your local DMV if they can use the receipt of pending H4 extension or I-485 as a proof for your legal status for a temporary extension of your DL? You should also have your A number on the I-485 receipt if in case they can accept. Did you apply for EAD/AP card along with your I-485? Once issued, you can use EAD card as status proof to extend your DL.

I haven’t check it with my local DMV but I will do it and I will bring my I539 and I485 receipts.

And yes, I have a combo card along with my I485.

Thank you for your reply.