Does a history of studies at multiple schools affect H1b application?

Hi,I am currently a master student in the US and thinking about transfer to another school (maybe Kaplan international). The reason is that my current program is not a good fit for me. The tuition is very high while it cannot help me on a career switch. So I want to leave on absence or quit the school, transfer to Kaplan, and looking for new jobs while studying business english (gmat).Prior to my current studies, I had a master degree in computer science in the US and got my h1b approved in 2017, though it has not been stamped and activated. Based on my understanding of my former question, , if I can find a job, I can transfer my existing h1b quota to the petition filed by the new employer without going through the lottery, using my 1st master degree in computer science.So far I have used F1 continuously for 5 years, and always maintained my f1 properly without any gap. But if I transfer to the third school, I am wondering if my history of studying at multiple schools (4 yr in computer science + 1 yr in finance + xx months at Kaplan) would affect my future h1b application. Will they judge that and reject my application? Or they do not care as long as my status is maintained well? Any other risks?Thank you for your help in advance!