Does a company like HSBC offer H1B for its employees?


I got an offer from HSBC Technology and Services USA today for a fulltime position. Although, the HR at the company has told me that they would file for H1B visa next year(2019), I wanted to be sure if a giant company like HSBC would file for H1B. On doing some research, I came across a site called myvisajobs where you can see the ranking of the company in terms of its H1B filing. I didn’t see any record of HSBC in there, so I am a bit skeptical if they would know anything about filing for H1b.

Any help is worth appreciated!

Hello Kedar,

Did you get any answer to this?
I am working with HSBC software development center in India. I am looking for visa sponsorship and I am not sure if HSBC sponsors H1B.

Hi @Dhanashree_Deshmukh,
actually no, but over my tenure with HSBC till today, i got my H1B approved with HSBC as I applied for it while in the US. I am not sure if HSBC sponsors for employees based in India though.

I would encourage you to check with your HR rep on this.

Thank you. I will check with HR.