Documents Required For H1B Stamping


First of all I would like to say thanks to the owner and moderators of this blog, you guys are doing a wonderful job..!!!

This is a brief about me before I go ahead and ask my question.

I have in total 8 years of experience and have works in the US (2007-2011) for about 3.2  years on H1B visa. I returned backed to India in 2011 and since then have been working here.

Now I have got an offer from a very good consulting firm (A Big Name In Michigan/ Detroit area) and they have sponsored my H1B (already approved on 25th Oct, 2012)


I can see some prior post reg the same question but since my situation is a bit different, I am posting this as a fresh question.


[b]Q 1[/b]) : My question is that what all documents do I need to carry for my H1B stamping (Hyderabad), please note that this company has not hardly done any H1B's in the past and this is there first time.

[b]Q 2[/b]) : Do people still get 221g during stamping or with RFE itself all the questions which USCIS has reg a case are being handled.


Please do reply.

  1. There are articles on the blog that mention all the required documents. As its a consulting firm, you need to carry information about your client/project etc

  2. Yes, 221g can be issued irrespective of whether petition was issued after RFE or w/o RFE.