Documents Required for h1b stamping?

I am currently working with an MNC in INDIA from 20months. My total experience is 20 months.

I am a direct recruit from an US based employer. I work at the employer location and I dont report to any of the client people. I have the following list of the documents

From New Employer::

  1. LCA 2. I-797 3. I-129 4. Offer Letter 5. Employer-Client contract agreement

  2. Job description 7. Letter to USCIS from Employer 8. A letter to VO from employer

  3. Employment agreement between Me and Employer

From Current Employer::

  1. Pay stubs 2. Employment period proof letter 3. ID card 4. Salary Hike letter

  2. Offer Letter 6. IT return

The above listed documents will be enough in my case? I dont have client letter

No need of Client letter, you can say, you are going to work in employer location. These docs are enough.